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Entrepreneurs Venture Network HOLDING SAL helps and supports Startups from concept exploration to launch and growth. Join our platform to connect with Investors, Mentors and potential partners! In one work we offer great tools to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs! Entrepreneurs Venture Network HOLDING SALwas developed with one goal in mind; to empower locally active business executives and aspiring entrepreneurs with the essential knowledge, skills and tools to truly succeed in their innovation journey. We aim to inspire a culture of collaborative growth through entrepreneurship and innovation in the Middle East. We believe in continuous professional development and are committed to tailoring our learning courses according to the key market learning gaps, challenges and opportunities to drive the success of individuals and businesses.

  • Entrepreneurs Venture Network HOLDING SAL brings you exposure to the right knowledge, the right people and the right opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurs Venture Network HOLDING SAL supports you with educating your workforce, entering new markets, raising capital, securing partners and closing sales.
  • Entrepreneurs Venture Network HOLDING offers you an unparalleled database exposiure and access to

Our services include investor introduction, industry meetings, leadership forums and professional training.

  • Investor introduction provides pre-qualified business cases with direct meetings with pre- screened investors to access capital.
  • Industry meetings connect pre-screened purchasing decision makers with solution providers to shorten their sales cycle.
  • Leadership forums bring together business executives through an interactive agenda of keynotes, panels and workshops produced to drive change.
  • Professional training offers a wide range of executive courses, crafted to advance careers and execute business strategy.
    • Entrepreneurs Venture Network HOLDING SAL partners with governments, key figures in media, industry and academia to add real value to our network worldwide.
    • Since its inception in 2002, Entrepreneurs Venture Network HOLDING SAL has connected over 80,000 executives globally through more than 700 proprietary business platforms.
    • Entrepreneurs Venture Network HOLDING SAL operates from a Lebanon based office and a virtual incubator
    • Entrepreneurs Venture Network HOLDING SAL. Creating opportunity.

 In one woprd; we are driving the business landscape to innovate rapidly and more sustainably. We believe in learning from more advanced leaders in the global community and have spent a better part of the past 5 years in research & development to bring the most groundbreaking and revered innovation programs to Lebanon. It is no wonder that it was in Silicon Valley that we discovered the Lean LaunchPad course for startups, founded by start-up guru Steve Blank.

The Lean Launch Pad is focused on learning how to rapidly develop and test ideas by gathering massive amounts of customer and marketplace feedback. We all know that the odds are stacked up against a start-up’s success. To increase their chance to succeed, the course compels participants to get out of the building and search for the real pain points and unmet needs of customers. With this, the entrepreneur will find proper solutions and establish a suitable business model that reflects a real need in the market and is repeatable and scalable.


Contact; email :  maan@startupslebanon.commaanbarazy@gmail.com


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