The Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program

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The goal of the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program is to create entrepreneurial wealth by analyzing the viability of ideas and products, matching them with informed investors and nurturing them through the critical steps to market.

The Accelerator Program is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow ideas into businesses by providing them with expertise, mentorship and key connections needed to fuel their success.

What do we offer innovators – entrepreneurs or SMEs?
  • A range of carefully selected, publicly available self-help tools for turning an innovative idea into a successful business venture.

For qualifying innovators:

  • Bespoke coaching support for selected applicants to assist in creating a compelling value proposition for eco- and socially innovative products and services leading to introductions to potential investors.
  • Potential access to three types of investors servicing different segments of the capital market: business angels, venture capital and corporate investors.
  • Connectivity and networking with a cohort of selected fellow innovators and with investors with a specific interest in eco-innovation, allowing for an exchange of ideas, information and advice through an online matchmaking platform and/or during tailor-made events.

Components of success

The alma mater of the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program is

Personnel adept in evaluating ideas, working with investors and entrepreneurs, establishing startup companies, and understanding intellectual property and funding mechanisms;
Education programs to inform and excite new investors and entrepreneurs who sustain and grow the program;
Proof of concept funding to help entrepreneurs demonstrate that their ideas have promise and are well-positioned to move to the next stage of commercialization;
A team of subject matter experts, and financial and legal consultants to increase the chances for success of the program and its startup clients; and
A cadre of regional partners, such as universities, economic development organizations, Chambers of Commerce, government entities, and private enterprise to provide assistance in seeking ideas, and providing startups with facilities, expertise and funding.


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