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Press Release No 1 – AUG-2017

MEFOSA and Entrepreneurs Ventures Network HOLDING SAL in a Memorandum of understanding to establish THE AGRO ENTREPRENEUR INNOVATIVE MENA PLATFORM


In a move that seek to revive the agribusiness industry and encourage startups to disrupt the current Lebanese and MENA model to agriculture ; MEFOSA and Entrepreneurs Ventures Network HOLDING SAL signed on August 2nd a Memorandum of understanding to establish  THE AGRO ENTREPRENEUR INNOVATIVE MENA PLATFORM – known under the name of AGROPRENEUR

AGROPRENEUR reason of being is to create a mechanism to assist in the identification, adaptation, and commercialization of products from public and private agricultural research institutions and universities.

The Lebanese government nor its institutional bodies has put in place mechanisms for the advancement of the industry in general nor agribusiness in particular

The Agriculture sector can be valued at 4.816 % of GDP in 2015 and its growth potential is enormous as the food industry makes up most of the factories in Lebanon (18.2%), involves 25% of total workforce, and produces the number one export (food) in Lebanon (Bissat, 2014).

Agropreneur seeks to answer these gaps as from a development perspective as the Lebanese official ecosystem has downplayed the importance of such a cluster; therefore the goal of AGROPRENEUR is to identify; develop and commercialize agro products, technologies, and services to improve productivity in all agro business industries and especially Small and Medium Enterprises and Startups and farmers’ fields and increase the practical impact of research and successful agribusiness ventures and training conducted in corporate; academic and research institutions.

AGROPRENEUR will provide a means of leveraging the significant resources invested in R&D and infrastructure, generating employment and income in Lebanon agrobusiness and an added value to their digitization processes in urban and rural areas, therefore ultimately creating wealth and sustainable development to support the livelihoods of the industry

Based on the experience gained in the years by both parties, the approach has evolved to benefit agribusiness through a vertical strategy (service strategy) and a horizontal strategy (an outreach strategy based on partnerships in collaborative virtual and physical business incubation).

The two parties said they will provide in the first stage of their partnership the following services:

  • Planning, development and implementation of Agro business related PROFESSIONAL ENTREPRENEUR SERVICES
  • Introduce new markets and new markets to achieve growth and develop business.
  • Help international entrepreneurs get a good start in a new market, accelerate their growth, and take some risk and hassle out of the expansion process.
  • Capacity building and training on business simulation operations
  • Business consultancy support services including feasibility – marketing – digital marketing and financial simulation
  • Support to Access to seed capital funding to TDB for the entrepreneurs
  • Development and implementation of incubation service modules like Seed Ventures, Agri Biotech Ventures, Innovative Ventures, Farm ventures and Biofuel ventures etc.
  • Business Facilitation support and co-branding
  • Making the system Successful & self-sustainable through monitoring & evaluation.

Technically AGROPRENEUR will provide a wide spectrum of training services

  • Capacity building of the Bio economy, Agro economy, and the food business
  • Training on WTO regulatory issues (includes SPSS, TBT, TRIPS, etc. …)
  • Understanding national, regional and international food laws and requirements
  • Training and guidance on the CODEX and different ISO and HACCP standards.
  • Introduction to different technologies on food safety measurement (Laboratory equipment, kits, and swabs, etc.…)
  • Market access provision and support
  • Training and support for prerequisite programs such as:
    • Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
    • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
    • Good Hygiene Practices (GHP)
    • Good Sanitation Practices (GSP)

On signing this memorandum Mr Atef Idriss Founder of Mefosa said:

“We are looking forward to help the young and innovative entrepreneurs to achieve their full potentials. We will provide necessary knowledge and know how to startup companies to achieve their goals and survive in this competitive market and to recognize the diverging needs for specific Knowledge Based Bio-Economy (KBBE) values”.

Mr Maan Barazy founder of Entrepreneurs Ventures Network said

“Our partnership with MEFOSA is another attempt from our company to fill gaps in the Lebanese and MENA ecosystem. MEFOSA services do embody exquisite added value to the community and we are looking forward in this partnership to join our forces in creative service offerings. This partnership adds new hopes for the agro business sector to reach their hidden potential and be a real leverage effect for the Lebanese economy. “



MEFOSA (Middle East North Africa Food Associates) operates in food safety and security industry. It helps companies hone their competitive edge by establishing and verifying procedures & practices that ensure quality, wholesome and safe products.  MEFOSA’s objective is to create sustainable development in the MENA region, while applying local and international standards.

MEFOSA provides training, consultancy, market research and project management services related to all sectors in food industry. In line with Saudi 2030 vision on developing the production sector, MEFOSA assists companies comply with international rules and regulations, and helps them export their products to USA, Europe and any part of the world.

CONTACT: Mr Atef Idriss – CEO or Mr. Anto Aywazian Business Development Manager.  Address: Lions Building # 301, 126 Sourati Street, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon. P.O.Box: 113-6382, Tel: +961 1 745744, Fax: +961 1 739986 E-mail:


About Entrepreneurs Ventures Network

Entrepreneurs Venture Network HOLDING SAL helps and supports Startups from concept exploration to launch and growth. Join our platform to connect with Investors, Mentors and potential partners! In one word we offer great tools to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs! Further; The Entrepreneurs Venture Network HOLDING SAL brings exposure to the right knowledge, the right people and the right opportunities. It was formed to support the ecosystem with educating executives; entrepreneurs and start-ups as well as white collars, entering new markets, raising capital, securing partners and closing sales.

CONTACT : Mr Maan Barazy – President / CEO Address: Antwork Spears street – email: – tel : 01759399 – 7751784


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