The Entrepreneurial Platform Services – We nurture your idea

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The Entrepreneurial Platform Services – We nurture your idea

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The Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program offers acceleration and mentorship programs for startup founders. This endeavor facilitates value-added advisement, collaboration with other innovators, investors; startup companies, networking, the opportunity to present to multiple investors, seed investment, sidecar investment and syndication. By helping industry pioneers determine whether their ideas can blossom and survive in a competitive environment, we direct participants to sustainable paths of growth and success.

What do you get?

You take your dreams, hopes, and vision to build the first draft of your startup. We seek out your idea if it bears a potential for high growth, and nurture it through staging to complete a strategy to pitch to investors. We check out the prototype of your product or service and provide resources to boost your networks, technology access and financial planning.

Namely we cater for

  • Training Services for Startup Entrepreneurs
  • Mentoring and Coaching Entrepreneurs
  • Expose Opportunites in the ecosystem
  • The Academy and  Startup Centre profssiaonl training
  • Advisory Board counselling
  • Matchmaking services

This service focuses on potential entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in post-conflict regions. Participants need to have a clear and viable business idea, are literate and have graduated (or are in the final stages of higher education studies). Participants have no or limited experience in running a business. These training are designed to help them in drafting their business plans and to prepare them for the startup phase of their company.

The challenges of an entrepreneur in general and especially one in a post-conflict region, where the market is new and the economy emerging at best, are numerous. Lack of (market) knowledge, little marketing skills, and often no general, financial and other management skills and experience, are among many of these challenges.

Mentoring and coaching are essential services that Business Startup Centres (BSC’s) consistently provide to small companies. However these activities lack formal programming and structure and are reliant on the voluntary interest of each individual entrepreneur. The Advisory Board Service structures this mentoring and coaching into more regular and more substantial sessions to the benefit of the entrepreneur and his or her businesses. This service is based on an (inter-)active Advisory Board, which members coach and support startups and growth orientated entrepreneurs based on their own knowledge, experience, and network. This also puts greater requirements on the companies to be exposed to advise and criticism and to have the opportunity to ask for input.

In short: this service brings together local entrepreneurs and suppliers with international companies in order to stimulate cooperation and eventually the growth of local businesses.

There is a particular context to this service. International companies are increasingly present in least-developed and post-conflict regions as investors in industrial and agricultural projects. Some of the world’s largest corporations have established multi-billion dollar mining, oil exploration, and agribusiness projects throughout West Africa, but primarily in post-conflict states including Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Our program is active on both sides. our company solicitates information from the international companies about their existing and future needs, and at the same time we show  entrepreneurs the commercial advantages and supports them to meet these needs successfully by training and mentoring.

This Service is not just about a simple match between local businesses and international companies, but it strengthens the local entrepreneur’s ability to orient himself toward the supply chain business opportunities, it increases the chances of winning a contract and of successfully completing a contractual relationship with an international entity.


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